Garage Storage Systems Daniel Island

Has anyone ever said you have a “beautiful home”? Has anyone ever said you have a “gorgeous garage”? Most homeowners never hear the words “beautiful” and “garage” in the same sentence. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible. In fact, they key to a gorgeous garage is simple when you implement one design: Low Country Monkey Bars garage storage systems in Daniel Island.

Off The Floor

Have you ever tried to place everything in a designated area and have it turn into another unorganized pile? No worries! Our trained professionals provide free garage organization when they install your new system.. Let us handle your mess by getting everything off the floor by using garage storage systems Daniel Island residents crave.

Strong & Flexible

Have you ever had a shelf break on you? Stop investing all your money on products that can’t withstand your items. Our shelving system can hold up to 1,000 pounds for every 4 feet and our overhead racks can withstand 750 pounds. We know that your needs will change over time. The design of our garage storage systems in Daniel Island have racks and hooks that can slide along the bars when needed. The height of the bars can easily be adjusted allowing you too store bikes, yard equipment, or anything else you need.

Industrial Strength Flooring

Garage storage systems in Daniel Island need everything off the floor to stay clean and organized. The best way to keep the floor spotless is by installing a beautiful epoxy garage floor. We can help you find the perfect color and style that matches a spotless new living space you can be proud of.

Garage Storage Systems Daniel Island Garage Storage Systems Daniel Island Garage Storage Systems Daniel Island


“This home located on Daniel Island did a complete makeover from floor to ceiling. The walls were given a fresh coat of paint to get started. We then installed a nice set of cabinets with a workbench along the back wall. Next up, Monkey Bars shelving along two walls with an area for storing their hurricane shutters. And finally to finish it all off, a fantastic epoxy floor.” – Chris Cobb, Owner of Lowcountry Monkey Bars

Enjoy Added Garage Storage Lowcountry

Time to clean up the clutter and chaos in your garage and start enjoying your newly organized garage storage in Lowcountry. Stop spending countless hours trying to find your belongings in your junky garage and discover how much more free time you have now that everything is in its rightful place.

Monkey Bars is proud to be ranked #1 garage storage in Lowcountry Charleston. When it comes to finding professional quality design and installation, we are your local Lowcountry experts. Do you have a small crowded garage space? Our overhead storage is an affordable and safe way to store long term storage out of the way.

  • Off The Floor: Too many items on the ground? Time to get them off the floor! Moving all your boxes, bags, and loose items will give your garage floor the free space you thought you never had.
  • Add More Space: Our solution to crowded spaces involve overhead storage units. You can literally store three times more than your typical storage system using our layered storage system. With overhead storage all that extra space can be used.
  • Lifetime Warranty: No need to be worried that your garage storage in Lowcountry will ever break on you again. We know our product is made of the best quality around. That’s why we back up all our garage storage systems with a lifetime warranty.
  • Design to Your Lifestyle: Our garage storage professionals will work with you to design and create a space that fits your everyday needs. There are a variety of different colors and components to choose from.
  • Years of Enjoyment: It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating space for work or simply want to add more garage storage in Lowcountry, we can guarantee your satisfaction. The dirtiest room in most homes is the garage. Now is the time to make that transformation.


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Daniel Island Garage Shelving System

There’s no place in a home that gets cluttered as easily as your garage. You start it as a place for storage your vehicle. A few months go by and you have a pile of tools, missing household items and your car is parked on the driveway. The simple answer to fix your cluttered garage is to call your Daniel Island garage shelving system experts!

Low Country Monkey Bars provides Daniel Island a garage shelving system that can’t be beat! Our unique shelving system allows you to create the most storage space in the least amount of room by using layers. We understand that the needs of Daniel Island garage shelving systems will change over time. That’s why we made sure our system is 100% adjustable; to satisfy any need. The monkey bar hooks and racks can easily slide along the bars and be placed at different heights.

Have you ever bought shelving system that you thought to be a great deal? A few months later you walk into your garage only to find that “great deal” decided to drop all of your belongings. Now you’re back in the store trying to find another “great deal”. Here at Low Country Monkey Bars, we can put your worries and doubts to rest with the lifetime warranty attached to every Daniel Island garage shelving system. We are so confident in our product that we willing give you a life time warranty. Why? First of all, our shelving system gives you your space back by getting everything off the floor. Hanging hooks are one way we declutter your messy floor. If you have high ceiling space we recommend using our wall mounted shelves. The average homeowner’s usable space is increased by 50%( 192 sq./ft) when using a garage shelving system from Low Country Monkey Bars. Secondly, our shelves are capable to hold up to 1,000 lbs per 4 feet.

daniel island garage shelving system daniel island garage shelving system daniel island garage shelving system

Garage Systems Mt. Pleasant

A lot of active individuals encounter the problem of keeping their garage in order. Being active sometimes requires a lot of equipment, resulting in a cluttered mess if you don’t have a storage system in place. If you’re looking for the best garage systems Mt. Pleasant can offer, we have the perfect example.

It’s always surprising to see how much storage can fit onto one of our shelving systems. the garage systems in Mt. Pleasant are no different. In this particular job, we hung seven bikes, a couple long boards, and a whole slew of camping chairs.

Garage Systems Mt. Pleasant Garage Systems Mt. Pleasant Garage Systems Mt. Pleasant Garage Systems Mt. Pleasant

An ingenious way to hold loose equipment is with buckets. If you place the buckets on the floor, they end up taking too much space, but with our 9 bucket rack, the wall space is utilized. These racks are perfect for balls, helmets, and any other pieces that tend to clutter the garage.

We’ve got the very best garage systems Mt. Pleasant can offer and we make the installation process easy. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll set up the consultation and come up with the best possible solution for your needs.

Here is a direct quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This was a great challenge in making the most of the space available in a small one car garage located in the I’on neighborhood in Mount Pleasant. The homeowners have a very active lifestyle with all the toys that go with it. They were frustrated by the small space and the inability to store their items. After consulting with them and helping them to realize that there was more space than they realized, we designed a plan to meet their needs. At the end of the day, they were amazed that this was their same garage and were pleased that the plan came to fruition.

Garage Storage Hanahan

There are only a few things to remember when finding garage storage in Hanahan.

1. Have a Budget In Mind
Money issues are a part of life and it’s important to know how much you can spend at a certain point in time. Before you make your consultation, know the budget range that you can stick to. We’ll come to your home, give you a free consultation, and map out the best storage plan for you. We’re very accommodating of your budgeting needs and help you get the most for your money.

2. Have an Idea of the Products
While we are sure to educate you on what we offer, take a second to look at the various products we offer. The popular Monkey Bar Storage System is the set of industrial-strength shelving that is completely customize-able. Additionally, we offer garage cabinets, garage overhead storage, and garage flooring. Whether you want a combination of a few or just one item, we’ve got the best garage storage Hanahan can imagine.

3. Don’t Be Shy
During the initial consultation, speak up! If you’ve always pictured a shelf on the left side of the garage, then let it be known. Additionally, after the job is done and you’re more than pleased with the outcome, tell your friends about it! Some of our best customers have been through referrals and we have quite a lot to thank them for.

If you’re looking for the garage storage Hanahan residents love, then don’t hesitate. Check out the images below for a fantastic job done in the area.

Garage Storage Hanahan

Garage Storage Hanahan

Garage Storage Hanahan

Garage Storage Hanahan

Garage Storage Hanahan

Garage Storage Hanahan

Here’s a direct quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This was a fun installation for a home in Hanahan, SC. These enthusiastic homeowners took the time to organize their items in storage bins and neatly labeled them. They requested a space for a workbench as well as pegboard over it for the collection of small tools on hand. And of course, we organized the everyday items using the Monkey Bars system.

Mt. Pleasant Garage Shelving: Sportsman’s Delight

October seems to be one of the last warm months to do things outdoors. Autumn just speaks fishing and hunting, and it’s the crucial time for a sportsman to get his gear organized. If you fit the above description and you’re looking for Mt. Pleasant garage shelving, then you’ve stumbled across the perfect blog post!

Hobbies tend to take up a lot of space, especially if it requires a lot of equipment. Plus, you have to add on the space it takes if you want to include your family in the activity. With that said, a garage can easily get cluttered when there isn’t a specific place to put everything. And trust me, leaning fishing poles up against the wall is the LAST thing you want to do. Mt. Pleasant garage shelving provides the perfect solution for all of that equipment. We have various hooks that your equipment can hang on, and so much shelving space to put your tackle boxes, coolers, and other storage.

If you’re looking for Mt. Pleasant garage shelving and need it fast, we can guarantee a quick, 1-2 day installation. Check out this job we did in the Dunes West area.

Mt. Pleasant garage shelving before Mt. Pleasant Garage Shelving Garage Shelving Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant Garage Shelving AfterLow Country Monkey Bars Truck

Doesn’t our van look so at home here? 🙂

Here’s a direct quote from owner, Chris Cobb.
This Dunes West homeowner in Mt Pleasant is an avid fisherman and wanted to have his sporting items organized to where he had easy access to them. A gold star to them for preparing for our arrival with their items separated and ready to be organized.We divided the garage between the two walls to easily separate the items. In addition to the Monkey Bars shelving, we installed a row of rod holders for the fishing gear . Along the back wall, there is a worktop that makes great use of this space. Everything is now easy to find and use.


Daniel Island Garage Shelves: Accomplished

It isn’t hard to imagine the biting stress of a big move. Most of us have experienced it and it’s something that is best kept in the very foggiest areas of our memories. One could argue that the worst part of moving is trying to find adequate placement of your storage, especially if you’re downsizing. For one of our clients, the worry of fitting their two cars in the garage was very apparent. They were moving from a house with a basement to a new one without, and they feared that everything would end up in the garage. We assured them that we’d put their worries to rest with these Daniel Island garage shelves. The strongest (and best looking) on the market, these shelves have the capacity to get all of their storage off the floor and utilize as much space as possible. They’re incredibly strong as well because of their 1000 lb weight capacity per shelf. Daniel Island garage shelves aren’t the only item that can transform a garage. Consider the garage cabinets. Not only are they sleek and attractive, but they can safely hide storage you don’t want out in the open. They provide a streamlined look that will up the value on any home’s garage. Daniel Island Garage Cabinets Daniel Island Garage Shelves Daniel Island Garage Shelves Daniel Island Garage Racks Daniel Island Garage Shelving

These photos prove how lovely a garage can look with a few improvements. Daniel Island garage shelves are one crucial key to keeping a garage uncluttered. Whether you have us install the shelving before you move in or after, our quick and easy installation will leave you feeling relieved and overjoyed. Here’s  a direct quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This Daniel Island homeowner wanted to make the most of their space in their new home. Relocating from a home that had a basement, they were troubled that the garage would be a catch all for everything and unusable for parking their cars. We installed some cabinetry and Monkey Bars shelving to make the most of the beautiful garage and make it a part of their home that is welcoming.

Garage Shelving Mount Pleasant: Kayak Edition

You’ve probably heard about the only garage shelving Mount Pleasant needs, and this blog is here to show you real installs of the awesome products we offer. All of our customers have been more than pleased with the results.

In this post, you’ll see a somewhat small garage with the most optimized garage shelving Mount Pleasant could ask for. We were able to fit crazy amounts of storage in the space without hindering the ability to park a car or two in there. Now that’s optimization!

Garage Shelving Mount Pleasant

Some customers may think that they have to get rid of a whole bunch of valuable storage in order to make everything fit on the walls. But we truly make it possible to keep everything you own while using less space.

Garage Shelving Mount Pleasant Bare

The thing with the best garage shelving Mount Pleasant can offer, is that it’s completely customizable to your individual needs. Consider the kayaker, the golfer, or even the occasional water skier. There is a shelf that can handle it all. We recently had the privilege of setting up a couple of kayak racks for a customer that had an over crowded garage. The large kayaks were taking up most of the floor space, and had the risk of getting scratched up and ruined on the bottom. So, all we had to do was install a couple of kayak racks to ensure that they were safely held above the floor and completely out of the way.Kayak Garage Shelving Mount Pleasant

Here’s a quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This homeowner in Mount Pleasant had a large garage that was being crowded by 2 kayaks taking up a lot of floor space. We found a better location for them and this opened up a world of possibilities. Suddenly, a whole room could be utilized as a workshop and items that were taking up parking spaces were no longer an obstacle. A tremendous amount of shelving storage was made available, making this sizable garage even more functional. Up next, a great epoxy flooring to really make this a finished space.

Daniel Island Garage Shelving

We know some very avid golfers in the Daniel Island area. No matter your age, size, or shape, golfing seems to be a sport that just about anyone can start doing. If you want to become as good as this homeowner, it’ll take a lot of dedication and practice. We had the opportunity to help him find a solution with Daniel Island garage shelving.

When we arrived, equipment was strewed around the garage floor, taking up way too much space. It looked difficult to park in the garage without tripping over something when him and his family got out of the car. We could definitely see the concern he had, but we knew that our Daniel Island garage shelving could fix all of his problems.

We were able to install a rack that held his golf bags and clubs perfectly upright, off the floor. This allowed for easy access and storage, while opening up so much more space. Below you’ll see a golfer’s garage storage dream!

Daniel Island Garage Shelving

Along with the golf storage, we installed some Monkey Bars that allowed for clean storage on the top and bikes hanging from the bottom. Daniel Island garage shelving is the best solution for any cluttered garage.

Daniel Island Garage Storage Daniel Island Garage Shelving Systems

See how much bigger the space is? That golf cart has no problem driving in and out, while there’s plenty of floor space to park another vehicle or two! If you’re even considering Daniel Island garage shelving, let this be motivation to get your garage in order!

Here’s a direct quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This Daniel Island homeowner is an avid golfer and needed a place to store his clubs as well as organize his garage. We designed a plan that allowed for him to have a great amount of organized storage, a workbench and an area just for his golfing equipment.

Garage Storage John’s Island Folks Need

No Basement? No Problem!

Sometimes homeowners face a problem that can be a slightly difficult one to combat. They move into a house without a basement, and they’ve got too much storage for the size of their new home. It’s an understandable problem, especially when you previously had a nice storage room that was specifically made for your long-term items.

We’ve got the solution and it’s the garage storage John’s Island folks need. Instead of letting things pile up in a random room in the basement, why not try storing everything in the garage, but off the floor? Here’s the thing, you really have more room than you think you do. With the right garage shelving in place, you can double the room in your garage, and your entire home.

Garage Storage John's Island Before Garage Storage John's Island After

Here’s a quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This John’s Island Homeowner was looking for a way to organize the items in a home he recently purchased. Having moved from a home that had a basement, he soon found that the only space he had for storage was his garage. After we consulted with him on how to best use the space he had available, we designed a plan to fit his needs.

All you need is the garage storage John’s Island can offer. The transformation is obvious to see in these before and after photos. Notice how high the shelves were installed. This is completely optimizing the amount of space in the garage. Those bins line up perfectly next to each other and allow so much storage to fit inside. Don’t worry about their strength either. These steel shelves can hold up to 1000 lbs. every 4 ft. They can hold bins of heavy materials and everything underneath will be completely fine. Plus they come with a lifetime warranty to ease your concerns. What are you waiting for? This garage storage in John’s Island is just a phone call away.